A Case Study on Agreement

Agreement in writing is a crucial component of effective communication. Without it, the message can become confusing, convoluted, and even misleading. In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), agreement becomes even more important as it can affect a website`s rankings on search engines.

To understand the importance of agreement in SEO writing, let us review a case study.

Case Study: A Website`s Drop in Rankings Due to Inconsistent Agreement

A company`s website, which offers services in digital marketing, experienced a significant drop in traffic and rankings after a recent search engine algorithm update. Upon investigating the cause of the decline, the SEO team discovered that the website`s content lacked consistency in agreement.

For example, in some sections of the website, the company referred to themselves in the first person plural (we, us, our), while in other sections, they used the third person singular (they, their). Additionally, some pages used a mix of both styles, creating confusion for both readers and search engines alike.

The website`s internal linking structure also contributed to the inconsistent agreement issue. Some pages linked to other pages using different styles of agreement, further complicating the overall message of the website.

The SEO team realized that this inconsistency in agreement had a negative impact on the website`s rankings. Search engines use complex algorithms to understand and rank websites, and inconsistent agreement can cause confusion and reduce the clarity of the message, ultimately leading to a lower ranking.

Solution: Consistent Agreement and Internal Linking

To address the issue, the SEO team recommended implementing consistent agreement throughout the website. This involved reviewing and revising all content to ensure the use of a single agreement style, in this case, the first person plural.

The team also revised the internal linking structure of the website. All pages were updated to include links that used the same style of agreement, which helped improve the overall clarity of the website`s message.

Results: Positive Impact on Rankings

After the updates were implemented, the website saw a significant improvement in rankings and traffic. The consistency in agreement and internal linking helped search engines better understand the website`s message and relevance, resulting in higher rankings.


This case study highlights the importance of agreement in SEO writing. Consistent agreement helps search engines understand the message of a website, resulting in better rankings and traffic. As a professional, it is crucial to review all content for consistency in agreement, and to ensure that internal linking follows the same style of agreement. By doing so, websites can improve their overall message and increase their visibility online.

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